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What the Psoas?

Supercharge your teaching with
strategies, skills & drills


Lauren Ohayon and Brea Johnson

The psoas and core.
2 movement buzz words often mired in myth, misunderstanding and general confusion.

As teachers, we often know these body parts are important but then lack the ability to explain why or how.

Their relationship forms a deep core integration. So many of our clients have a deep core deficit and are spot treating that deficit with mobility, stretching, and active exercises.

But that work is a moot point unless we are addressing the deficit—often the underlying culprit behind tension, restriction and tightness patterns down the chain.

“Stretch the psoas” and “engage the core” are mainstays in many fitness routines but they are limiting.

Neither actually create a fluid, integrated, supple and strong psoas and core.

But there’s a different way to work with the psoas and core that
goes way beyond stretch and engage.

Imagine being able to include functional psoas and core movements
seamlessly in your work in a way that’s fresh, interesting and engaging.

And imagine being able to understand the psoas, core, trunk hip relationship so well that coming
up with exercises to help your unique client shift and change actually feels intuitive and logical.

Imagine using the whole body as the vehicle for that change and not just one or 2 muscles.

And imagine moving beyond stretching and contracting to integration, dynamic stability and active mobility.

Introducing: What the Psoas?

A 3-week live, online training for movement professionals

You’ll get:

a comprehensive understanding of the psoas to core relationship.

an arsenal of tools to be able to access that relationship.

exercises for deep core integration.

a multi dimensional, creative strength approach to the hips, psoas, core and legs.

ways to use strength without making it tedious.

mobility work that does not feel status quo.

somatic exercises that are engaging and fun.


understanding the psoas / nervous system relationship.

exercises to calm the nervous system.

Join us and transform the way you teach the psoas and core!

Registration is closed.

‘Lauren and Brea are OUTSTANDING. They know their stuff, they approach teaching with humor and patience. There are so many benefits to the structure of this on-line course. I like having the materials to look back to; I am “digesting” it all so much better. KUDOS to you all for such a well-run, well-organized workshop.’
– Mary B

‘This course was so empowering and such a great reminder of why we do the things that we do 🙂 THE POWER OF "ISH" , neutral (ish) , straight (ish) there's so much power in communicating this to students and self. The new ways of movement and approaches are beautiful tools I can't wait to use & teach. . . THANK YOU!!’
– Willie Niner

Course Content

Week 1 – The Foundations

Explore the psoas / core relationship.

Experience the relationship in a 3D way.

Shift the focus from specific joints to your entire body.

Experience an embodied approach to a supple psoas and a responsive core.

Learn somatic tools and exercises that drive awareness to the psoas and core.

Mobilize your psoas, core, trunk and hips in 3 dimensions from a variety of orientations.

Week 2 – From your body to your mind

Explore more isolated mobility drills with creativity.

Refine your skills in slightly more concentrated ways.

Create cohesive languaging assigned to movement tasks.

Week 3 – Putting the pieces together

Expand the isolated drills into more dynamic exercises.

Learn to sequence in a way that incorporates everything you’ve learned.

Create a start-to-finish experience with a theme and a thread.

Explore the psoas / nervous system relationship.

Learn exercises to calm the nervous system.

How it Works

  1. This is a 3-module, self-paced online course. 
  2. There is a 1hr15min replay of a Q&A session and 2-4 classes in each module.
  3. You’ll get exercise indexes for each module for easy reference.
  4. You have forever access to the materials.
  5. You’ll get a certificate of completion for finishing the course. 

Registration is closed.

Meet Your Teachers

Lauren Ohayon is the creator of the “Restore Your Core” (RYC®), a comprehensive and sustainable fitness program that empowers women who aim to be strong, long, mobile and functional.

With more than two decades’ experience as an internationally renowned yoga and pilates instructor, Lauren focuses on resolving core and pelvic floor issues minus the “burn and shred” mentality. RYC® also boasts highly trained movement teachers around the world.

Lauren and the RYC® teachers help women across the globe gain core strength, achieve ideal pelvic floor function, and learn to move efficiently and exercise optimally.
Brea Johnson is the founder and lead teacher of Heart + Bones Yoga, the go-to platform for science-informed yoga asana, mobility and accessible practices for both yoga teachers and everyday people.

A teacher, mentor and community builder, Brea is known for her innovative approaches while remaining focused in the heart of the yogic teachings.

This approach has grown into a thriving global community through the Heart + Bones online yoga studio, yoga teacher training and continuing education programs where functional and inclusive practices are celebrated and encouraged… no handstands required.