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Plantar Fasciopathy and the Pelvic Connection
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Manage plantar fasciopathy
– Step beyond outdated
ideas to help your clients

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Lauren Ohayon

Dr. Courtney Conley

Manage plantar fasciopathy –
Step beyond outdated ideas
to help your clients

*Instant replay access

The majority of information about plantar fasciopathy (formerly plantar fasciitis) ignores the connection between the pelvis / core and the feet.

In this interactive 90-minute masterclass, longtime experts Dr. Courtney and Lauren Ohayon will explore how the body functions as a system and how this impacts plantar fasciopathy flare ups.

Fasciitis? Fasciopathay? Fasciosis?

Not sure which term is best to use? Join us and learn the most current correct terminology and how and when to use it.

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Enhance your understanding of plantar fasciopathy and how to assess for it

Learn cutting-edge movement tools that can ensure lasting results

Understand the connection between the pelvic system and plantar fasciopathy

Discover how the function of the whole chain impacts plantar fasciopathy

Add treatments to your toolkit that go beyond the usual heel raises

Spend time with 2 awesome women who know their sh*t!

And much more…

*Instant replay access

You’ll learn:

Possible sources of plantar fasciopathy

Bi-lateral symptoms you may not realize are connected

The truth about which shoes help

A variety of assessments to use with clients

Dynamic exercises to teach clients

How various alignment and pelvic assessments can transform client results

Your clients will thank you

Lauren Ohayon is the founder of Restore Your Core® and creator of the Restore Your Core (RYC®) Method, a method which empowers women to heal from core / pelvic floor difficulties and be strong, long, mobile and functional.
With more than two decades’ experience as an internationally renowned yoga and pilates instructor, Lauren focuses on resolving core and pelvic floor issues minus the “burn and shred” mentality. RYC® also boasts highly trained movement teachers around the world. 

Lauren and the RYC® teachers use the RYC® Method to help women across the globe gain core strength, achieve ideal pelvic floor function, and learn to move efficiently and exercise optimally.
Dr. Courtney Conley is the founder of Gait Happens, an online education company helping people from around the globe improve their foot function. She is a chiropractic physician specializing in foot and gait mechanics.
Together with her partner she has taken the past several years to develop online courses to educate clinicians on foot anatomy, the importance of foot health and the truths behind modern footwear.

She is one of the founding members of the Healthy Foot Alliance and is also the owner and operator of Total Health Solutions in Golden, CO. There she heads patient care with a specific focus on restoring gait mechanics and helping people resolve chronic foot problems.

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You’ll get some helpful tools in this masterclass, but if you’re looking for a tailored exercise program for your feet…

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