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A Modern Approach to Pain and Biomechanics


3-hour workshop • FEB. 20 @ 2pm ET / 7PM GMT

Let's talk about better outcomes

In the biomechanical model of pain and injury, alignment matters. Form is important. Resolving postural imbalances is key. The issue is in the tissues and finding those issues is the main focus.

In the Pain science world, reducing pain and discomfort is more nuanced and can often seem like it contradicts the biomechanical model.

Learn from two of the most sought-after experts in the field!

In this 3-hour workshop, longtime teachers Lauren Ohayon and Antony Lo lay out a comprehensive approach to:

Meet our clients where they are with their symptoms

Honor Pain science theory while applying the biomechanics approach

Provide comprehensive care with inspiring results

Lauren Ohayon

Creator of Restore Your Core® (RYC®), a comprehensive and sustainable fitness program that empowers women who aim to be strong and functional.
With more than two decades’ of experience as an internationally renowned yoga and pilates instructor, Lauren focuses on resolving core and pelvic floor issues without the “burn and shred” mentality. The Restore Your Core® program has become a transformative, game-changer for women suffering from diastasis recti, pelvic-organ prolapse, urine leakage, back pain and more.

Antony Lo

Creator of industry-leading courses such as The Female Athlete, #TheDiastasisProject, and the educational company My PT Education,
Antony is a physical therapist who has over 2 decades of experience helping to mentor and educate health and fitness professionals as well as a successful clinician. By simplifying difficult concepts into principles, not recipes/protocols, Antony is able to help people with pain, from the very debilitated to the highest level athletes in the world.

There is no recipe that works for every body.
Learn the principles that allow you to work with every person with pain.

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