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Floor to Core: Mapping the relationship. Coherently.

A groundbreaking professional training with Lauren Ohayon & Dr. Courtney Conley

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Watching a client struggle and not knowing what more you can do is hard

You may have tried every tool in your kit, but you’re still left wondering why they aren’t making progress with a foot or pelvic floor / core complaint.

Often as professionals, we are trained to focus on a particular area, and the tools we learn are specific to either the foot OR the pelvic floor.

This is like trying to build a jigsaw puzzle blindfolded. You don’t have all the information you need to put it together properly.

The implicit connection between the foot and pelvic floor is usually overlooked, and sometimes the answer you need isn’t where you’ve been trained to look.

So it makes sense that you may end up seeing little progress in clients and feeling frustrated.

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Everything shifts when we consider how the feet (and the core) function as a part of a system

When we remember that the feet are connected to the legs and the core, we can begin to think differently about our client’s struggles and how to better guide them.

Suddenly drills, kegels, medication, calf raises and different shoes seem to stop short of what’s possible.

When we take things like tensegrity, fascial connections and neuroscience into account to properly connect the dots between the pelvic floor and the feet, we change the playing field entirely.

When you approach the body through this new lens, clients start experiencing results

Neither one of us spot-treats. We both consider the whole body. We got frustrated with the disconnect in the healing tools available, and collaborated to build a cohesive map for movement professionals to work with the feet and the core / pelvic floor through the whole-body lens.

Floor to Core is a training that builds a solid understanding of the functional chain from the feet to the core, hips, pelvis and pelvic floor into practical tools you can use with clients.

You’ll walk away with a wide range of assessments and exercises to be able to clearly map and adjust your clients’ unique movement patterns for faster, more lasting results.

In Floor to
Core you’ll:

Learn how tensegrity, fascial trains and neuroscience help us understand the interconnectedness of the body.

Understand how the feet and gait affect and are connected to the pelvic floor and core system.

Understand how to address pelvic floor conditions using gait correctives in your protocol.

Discover how pronation, shock absorption, breathing, supination and propulsion are mirrored throughout the body.

Get a comprehensive understanding of how various foot and gait presentations travel up the chain and create possible outcomes on the pelvis, pelvic floor and core.

Join us for 4 weeks of virtual training, practice and professional growth

How it Works

  1. There are 4 Modules of education in this course. Each Module consists of video trainings and a live class.  The video trainings are about 1.5 – 2 hours each. 
  2. The Live meetings are on April 14, 21, 28 & May 5, at 4pm EDT / 9pm UK for approximately 1 hour, with a longer, 2 hour session for our final meeting on the 5th. If you cannot make the live session, it will be recorded.
  3. There will be time for questions at the end of each session.
  4. Replay of each session is recorded and available to you.
  5. Each week we’ll cover a new Module of learning.
  6. You have forever access to the materials.

Your Teachers

Lauren Ohayon

is the creator of the “Restore Your Core” (RYC®), a comprehensive and sustainable fitness program that empowers women who aim to be strong, long, mobile and functional.
With more than two decades of experience as an internationally renowned yoga and pilates instructor, Lauren focuses on resolving core and pelvic floor issues without the “burn and shred” mentality. The Restore Your Core® program has become a transformative, game-changer for women suffering from diastasis recti, pelvic-organ prolapse, urine leakage, back pain and more.

Dr. Courtney Conley

is a chiropractic physician specializing in foot and gait mechanics. She is the owner and operator of Total Health Solutions in Golden, CO. There she heads patient care with a specific focus.
There, she heads patient care with a specific focus on restoring gait mechanics and helping people resolve chronic foot problems. She is also the creator of Gait Happens, an online education company helping people around the globe improve their foot function. Together, with her partner, she has taken the past several years to develop online courses to educate clinicians on foot anatomy, the importance of foot health and the truths behind modern footwear. She is also one of the founding members of the Healthy Foot Alliance.

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